Fly Fishing

One of KT's passions in life is Fly Fishing. KT has traveled the world with his Fly Rod in search of various types of fish. Check out some of his greatest adventures in the series below.

Fishing Exploration of Jupiter Florida

KT has an epic adventure with his new friend Jarad "Dingo" Boshammer in Jupiter Florida. Watch this exciting trailer for some amazing action on this upcoming KT Diaries episode.

What Louisiana Fishing is all about

KT Lands a decent sized and Healthy Louisiana Redfish. Part 2 of 6 Red Recovery Season 4 of The KT Diaries. Full Episode on Vimeo

Brown Trout Tail Walk

KT learns more about the Mayfly while also catching some great looking Trout. hard to beat a day as nice as this! Part 3 of 7 The Hatch Season 1 of The KT Diaries. Full Episode on Vimeo

Bass of Texas

KT Lands a great looking Small Mouth Bass. Part 6 of 7 Demons on the Devil's River Season 3 of The KT Diaries. Watch this Full Episode on Vimeo