Upland Adventures

Check out KT's adventures Upland bird hunting from around the country. KT is always seeking new adventures accompanied by his bird dogs. KT loves the thrill of hunting Upland bird, while watching his trusted pointers work a field.  

Chasing The Upland Game

KT arrives in Idaho to meet up with Harley. Harley takes KT and the crew into the mountains for Chukars. Part 2 of 6 Hunting with Harley Season 4 of The KT Diaries. Full Episode on Vimeo

Outdoor Loving Ladies

KT Wraps up the show by showcasing some of his talent. Part 7 of 7 KT Meets the Divas Season 3 of The KT Diaries. Full Episode on Vimeo

Amazing Bird Dogs

Upland Bird Hunting | Bird Dogs are amazing creatures. Watch this full episode on Vimeo